10 Things You should Stop doing to Your hair.

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A lady’s hair is A vital part of her beauty. Everyone always want to have long, strong and shiny Locks. As is always known the must important hair care is eating a good and balance diet with enough rest(Sleep).
Well There are other important things you need to take heed of to keep your hair healthy. I Will be showing you the 10 things you should stop doing to your hair to keep it healthy right here at gurltree.

1. Brushing and Styling Hair when its wet.

Brushing wet hair
Brushing wet hair

As you are reading this, I believe you really want or want to maintain that long Hair of yours and know Things to stop doing to Your hair.

When your Hair is wet, its prone to breakage. You can try that and see what am talking about. Next time your Hair is wet try combing it with smaller tooth comb. You will find a lot of your Hair on the comb after. Even though You might say its because of the comb tooth size. Yes, But the little breakage when you use a bigger comb will gather and accumulate to a great Hair lost, maybe in just a week.
This is what is happening when you Brush your Hair wet;
The heat from tools (a curler or straightener) makes the water evaporate extensively and, as we all learn at school, water expands with evaporation, breaking your hair. Plus using hot tools will simply fry your hair to finish the damage.
This is one Thing Your stop doing to Your hair

2. Washing Your hair too often

washing hair
Washing hair daily is wrong

The hairdressers recommend washing your hair twice a week, or three times if you have very oily hair.
The glands in our scalp produce natural oils that are essential for healthy curls, and hot water can remove them, making your hair dry and brittle. Overwashing will eventually do the same thing.
So dear one Dont wash your hair everyday and always use warm water while washing

3. Waiting too long for a trim

hair trimming
Trimming when its bushy

Your locks will be longer if you trim them on a regular basis; not because your hair will grow faster, but because the ends won’t be splitting and breaking.
When you dont trim it the end become stiff and locked, When brushing it drags and might pull the whole hair strand from the root. It always good to visit a hair saloon for a trim.

4. Using Too Much Amount of Product at a time

Too Much hair products for the hair

You know that “dime sized amount” measuring description? If you’ve ever read the back of a hair product bottle, you know what I’m talking about. And if you haven’t, you’re probably a culprit of this next bad hair care mistake. Most hair products only require a very small amount, from the size of a pea to a quarter, to effectively work. Using too much hair product can mess with your hair’s natural makeup as well as create irritation and/or greasy hair faster than you’d like, as Real Simple magazine points out. As a rule of thumb it’s best to stick to the recommended amount.

5. Brush With A Dirty Hair Brush

Dirty brush with hair and skin particles

How often do you clean your hair brush? Chances are you’re going to want to clean your hairbrush when I tell you how many germs, bacteria, and dead skin cells it can collect.
When you brush your hair, lots of dead skin particles end up on your brush, even if you cannot see it. Dead skin is the perfect environment for growing bacteria, all sorts of them. Apart of being simply disgusting, it can get transferred back to your scalp if you don’t wash your hair brushes regularly.

6. Too much sun exposure

Girl hair under sun
Direct hair to sun exposure

Although Sometimes we get exposed to sun unavoidably. But what here it is, is that you minimize the time you spend under sun with your hair directly receiving the sun rays.
Too much exposure to the sun damages not only your skin but your hair as well. If your hair is severely discolored, looks and feels dry, and gets lots of split ends, then UV radiation is probably responsible for it.
So always Wear a hat or Scarf while under the sun.

7. Only Shampoos without conditioners or Interchanging.

Dove shampoo and conditioner
Shampoo and conditioner are different products, one should not be use in place of the other

Here’s a simple comparison: Your car needs both petrol and oil, not one or another. These are two different products, and your car won’t appreciate it if you pour petrol where oil is supposed to be.
Its the same thing that happens without your hair.
Shampoos and conditioners are totally different products that are used for different purposes and cannot replace one another. Shampoos clean, conditioners moisturize.
So always use both, First Shampoo then conditioner.

8. Brushing Your hair from the roots.

hair brushing
Brushing hair from the root is wrong too.

I admit it’s very fulfilling to be able to brush your hair in one, sleek swoop from root to tip, but it’s not exactly doing you any favors. Avoid extra damage by brushing your hair in intervals, starting at the tips. This way, if you do have a knot or toughness in your hair, you can fix it before involving the root, hairstylist Matt Fugate explained to Teen Vogue.

9. Making A Too-Tight Ponytail

Very tight pony-tail

If you tie your hair very tightly very often, it may eventually damage it because you literally pull the hair from its roots. If a ponytail is your preferred style, avoid hair ties with metal parts or switch the tie’s height every day, alternating “up” and “down” days.

10. Using the same hair products even when the hair changes.

hair products
Tune Your Hair products to Your Hair changing wave

Our hair always wants careful observance and knowledge of what products to use for it. It will really mean a lot to your hair health when you tune your products to its own changes.

There are a lot of products in the market – for thin, coarse, colored, damaged hair, and much more. They have slightly different ingredients depending on the purpose. If your hair has changed, so should the products.

Your hair will be much longer, stronger, fuller and shiny when you avoid this 10 Normal but hair killing things to stop doing to your hair.

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