5 tips on improving your girl self esteem

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Self Esteem is Confidence in your worth and abilities… Have you ever stared at the mirror and felt like you are not enough and all you saw was imperfections and flaws..If it happens to you frequently then you probably have low self esteem issues.. Below are practical ways to improve your self esteem;

1. Cultivate Positive Thoughts

Think Positively

Nobody can see the beauty in you when you don’t see it yourself..It is essential that you appreciate yourself and not wait on others to do that,for all you know they might be blind to it and it’s up to you to show them. The aura of confidence you carry commands respect and admiration. It tells people there’s more than the eyes can see ..Cultivating positive thoughts is vital because our actions are products of our thoughts..If you think you’re smart,then you’ll act smart..Abstain from negative thoughts..Think positively!!

2. Avoid Comparison

Comparing Yourself and others

It is no news that comparison is the enemy of progress,it blinds u to all your strength and exploits your weaknesses..Sometimes,you look at your friends and you can’t find a single flaw in them..You begin to mentally sketch a table comparing and contrasting..The moment you begin to compare yourself with another person is the moment you totally lose sight of who you actually are and what you can accomplish..You begin to feel like a failure and you end up being one..

3. Enhance Your Strength And develop Your weakness

Enhance Your style

Focusing on your strengths helps you to realise that there’s something you’re actually good at, something you’re appreciated for..We all have our weaknesses but paying more attention to your weakenesses won’t change the fact that they exist.. Instead the right action to take is to work on developing them..Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses,think of ways to enhance ur strengths and develop your weakenesses..When u make progress you discover your self esteem becomes higher than when you started working on them.

4. Avoid Negative Relationships; it builds self Esteem

Feeling not worthy of him

The company we hang with influences how we view ourselves..Hang around people who appreciate you,encourages and supports you.It would be almost impossible to have a high self esteem when you hang around people who constantly remind you of your flaws and imperfections..People who make it seem like you’re in a competition with them..Healthy competition is when they look out for you and help you improve your weaknesses..Avoid any type of competition that isn’t healthy.Examine the company you keep..Cut off any relationship that has you wondering if you’ll ever be enough.

5.Abstain from Self criticism and engage in Self affirmation

Self Criticism

Knowing who you are and what your worth is plays a great role in self acceptance..Affirm to yourself that there is nobody else like you out there except you..So you can either be the best version of you or be hung up on the possibilities of trying to be someone else..Do not engage in Self criticism..You wouldn’t be able to defend yourself when you subject yourself to ridicule…

These steps are practical..It is essential that you know and practice them for effective change..When you finally improve your self esteem..You’ll feel happy and satisfied,there’s also peace in knowing yourself worth …No one would be able to turn you against your self..You will be an army of one. Undefeated..

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Your beauty and style too matters. From Your makeup down to Your inner wears, be confident in all..

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