5 Fashion Style Tips Every Girl Should know (Life Changer)

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Yo gurl. This style tips is really a game changer. For real.
I personally like to look luxurious and expensive sometimes and I do it pretty simple with my normal wardrobe clothes.
Most people think is by buying an expensive Gucci belt and tossing it over a Versace jeans which I don’t think its true. I think there is a lot more to it And am going to show you those style tips that you should know to make your style a waw.

Before we dive into the main style tips that every gurl should to know, let me go over some style ideas with you as the first tip you need to know.

1.Awareness and preparation

As a gurl, you need in your fashion life awareness to help eliminate some things like:

Decision fatigue

The exhaustion you feel from making multiple Decision in a day. You tend to get stucked in your room with different ideas of what to wear but not certain on which to go for. Awareness will help ease that for you. Knowing what is good for your body type and common mistakes to avoid are The main keys to easing Decision fatigue

Fast Fashion

is The idea that The seller puts lower price for items he/she is selling at The expense of their quality.
We often think buying Fast Fashion will save us a lot of money but that is really not true. One of its problem is that it makes it hard for you to build a sense of style since styles are often changing and what you buying is not lasting.

Lifestyle Chart

You need to draw a chart of how you spend your time everyday. See mine below.

So studying The way i use to spend my time you will See that I spend most of my time at home, working. So stocking my wardrobe with high styled dinner gowns and special occasion bags are not what I should focus on. I always focus on items to wear and feel comfortable at home when working and with high quality too since thats what is going to be on my body most of The time. That doesnt mean you should not have high heels, gowns and other official wears. I have a couple too.
So you need to Know the cost per wear of your clothes. Which is the price you bought the item divided by the number of times you wear it. And it will justify your spendings.

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2. Monochromatic

Monochromatic is a lifestyle. Its really a good thing to do, Its good to bring all one shades of a color into an outfit or stick strickly to single color all round.

This really makes you look expensive and put together. Its really a simple thing to do when you like and enjoy single colors like black or grey like me. When am wearing sweat pants, I always match the same color with the top(Same type if possible).

This does two things. It makes you style look Cohesive and makes you look seamless even though Its a sweatpants.
Monochromatism can help you look elegant even when you not prepared to.

With simple black chinox trouser and a black look sleeve T-shirt you can attend an official meeting with no downs.

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3. Match your Hardwares

Its really one of the game changers. Its possible u never paid attention to this Before.

By the way hardwares are those add ons to your fashion. It includes metals found on your jewelries,shoes, zippers, buttons, metal hands of bags and more.

The idea is to use your jewelries as The base line and make every other hardware match to it.
Keeping all this colors matched makes you look elegant and very put together in a very subtle way.

This will also build your buying habits and improve your precision in the store.
Mixed colored hardwares too are really cool. But know how to use them not to ruin your elegance.

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4. Dress up underneath

Yes your under garments matters alot in your style. Let me bring you an example.
We all remember this kind of underwear right down here.

Yes We all wore it when We were little, But right now its not cool for you as a grown up lady to wear this kind of undies.

They dont look great, putting this kind of underwear beneath Dresses or fitted pants will diminish your feminine shape, charm and style.

Its ruins your outside outfit

So the Solution here is to wear smooth underwear or shape wear.
Smooth underwear eliminate those panty lines that appears on your body when you use them.

Its really cool to wear them.
And shape wears also eliminate undergarments lines and give you a really nice shape and curve.

Shape wears are really cool for anybodys’ shape. I love shape wears.

So all am saying is nobody should know what is happening underneath your garments, thats the whole “Dress up underneath idea” which turns to brighten your style.

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5. Care for your items

You might think it doesnt matter whether Its squeezed or ironed since it not some official garment. But this is definitely noticeable and is a style killer.

I love steaming. I steam all my sweaters, leggings, dresses and all.
Wearing ironed clothes naturally builds this sense of respect to you when ever people see you. And thats style(elegance).

So thats it. These are my 5 style tips to look expensive and elegant, in style with simplicity and on budget.

Stick to being simple and you will love it.
Leave a comment So I can know your opinions.


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