How to dress to fit your body shape(and Body shape calculator)

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You got prepared and went to the complex to shop clothes, on entering You spot a very nice jumpsuit that got your attention and you could remember very well you saw same type and design on Agbani Darego in one of her instagram post and the outfit was awesome.
You went right on to try the dress in the trail room and unfortunately you came out and kept it back right where you took it, cause the dress look very awful on you. Never the way you saw it on Darego. Same design, Same style but different looks.
Now you are wondering.
Lol. Its cool. Thats where knowing your body shape and what to wear for your body shape come in. Our bodies are different, so the clothes we wear have to be different too.
Before we look at what to wear, let start with knowing your body shape.

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Knowing your Body Type.

All you need to do to Know your exact body Type is to measure with a normal flexible Tape, record and use the calculator below to know your exact body shape.
Measure the following:
(Stand in front of the mirror while your Take this measurements or find someone close to help you)
Bust size—the circumference measured around the chest over the fullest part of the breasts, while wearing a properly fitted bra.

Waist sizethe smallest circumference measured around the natural waist, just above the belly button.

High hip size—the circumference of the upper swell of the hip over the pelvic region. It is around 7 inches (18 cm) below the natural waist.

Hip size—the largest circumference measured around the hips over the largest part of the buttocks.

body shape measurement
By omni Calculator

Body Shape Calculator

Insert the values you measured and see the body shape you have

Body Shape Calculator
(The female body shapes are based on societal standards that are subjective and are different in different cultures. The algorithm used in this calculator is based on a study published in the International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology, which breaks down the body shapes of women into 7 categories)

Now since you know your body shape, lets look at the various body shapes, their meanings and what to/what Not to wear.

1. Hourglass Body shape (Curvy shape)

An hourglass body shape means You have a well-defined waist and Your bust and hip measurements are roughly even.
You might also have fuller bust, hips, and thighs. It is the most balanced body shape, most girls are dying to have an hourglass shape. So you need to rock it in the right way.

Body Ideas

The prominent part this body shape is The waist therefore your goal is highlighting the curves. Your dresses should sit well and follow the outlines of these curves.
Your best Outfit will be clothes that hold the waist line with sweetheart neckless to help get the upper part of the body.
Therefore find clothes that accentuates your body.

What to wear

I will highly recommend Waist-length Jackets, Jumpsuits, Pencil skirts, tailored blazers and wrap dresses that perfectly outline the waist and hip boundary line. Tummy belts will be perfect and body-hugs too.

hour glass body outfit
Casual hourglass body outfits
hour glass body outfit
For Dinner outfits

What not to wear

Your body is very perfect but try and avoid loose clothes, will definitely kill the looks.

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2. Pear body shape(Inverted Triangle)

Here Your waist is wider than your bust. You consider yourself to have fuller hips and narrower shoulders with fuller rear. Therefore this means Your butt and thighs are visually bigger than your upper body. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian Has this body shape, and needless to tell how gurl is rocking this body shape of hers. You are lucky if You archieve this with workout or naturally.

Kim body outfits
Kim Kardashian Pear body outfits

Body ideas

Here the widest part of your body is your hips and you need to balance this with clothes that widens your upper body.
The eye is drawn to your cute top or the scarf around your neck, it takes the focus off your bottom half therefore you are to wear clothes that have eye catching neck and scarfs.

What to wear

Darker and slimming skirt and jeans will play a good role. Always wear a lighter colored top. The top should Always be brighter than The bottom.
I will recommend Trousers with flared bottom, jackets, ruffled tops and patterned dress add definition to the upper body, crop top, deep-V and scoop necks will be great too.

Pear body shape outfits
Casual And Official Pear body combinations

Your focus should always be on taking focus away from Your wide hips.

Pear body shape outfits
Always avoid skinny outfits for your Pear body shape

What not to wear

Avoid skin fitting tops and loose bottoms, unless you prefer the look

3. Apple body shape

With Apple body shape Your shoulders are broader than your hips.
You are not necessarily as curvy through your hips and You don’t have a well-defined waistline. Meaning you have a heavier upper body in comparison to your lower part of the body with bigger bust line.

Body ideas

Your waist line is not very pronounced here and you have a fuller middle body than the upper and lower. So Your focus should be on creating an illusion of a tin waist and highlighting your your shoulders and legs to the a very nice silhouette. Here are celebrities that are rocking this body shape that will inspire you: Drew Barrymore, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kate Winslet and Amy Schumer.
So you are to draw attention away from your tummy with emphasis on your neck, cleavage(not too necessary) and legs.

Catherine Zeta-Jones outfits

What to wear

I will recommend tailored jackets that have a nice v shape at the top.

apple shape outfits
Open Tummy Tops

Dresses that have their waistline just below the bust or at your thinnest point, waist ruched T-shirts, Trousers flared at the bottom(pallazos) or straight and not clinging to the tummy, well fitting bras and nice neckless.

dresses for apple body shape
Dinner Dresses for apple body shape, Always not tight

What not to wear

Steer away from form-fitting tops with waist hem-length. Avoid “Tight at tummy tops” as they show off your tummy. Jumpsuits are not good ideas.

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4. Rectangular body shape

Here Your shoulders and hip measurements are nearly the same and Your waist isn’t very small or well-defined, but rather straight up and down. So, there is not too much of a definition to your silhouette, and it’s fairly straightforward.

Body Ideas

The rectangle body shape is characterised by equal bust, waist and hip measurements. Not particularly curvy with no waist line. Usually tend to be tall and lean. So your focus on this body shape should be defining the waist by breaking up the rectangle to give to the perfect hourglass silhoutte.

What to wear

So my recommendations will be tailored and fitted clothing, short jackets, mid-waist tucked in the middle skirts and pants, sweetheart necklines and scooped necklines.

rectangular body shape
Everything should focus on outlining the waist line

Amazing skinny jeans and pants and knee length pencil skirt will be great too.

Sleeveless and strapless are cool for ur shape too.

Sleeveless and strapless

What not to wear

You can wear almost everything like the hourglass but avoid Double-breasted jackets and tops that give you a boxy(rectangular) silhouette.

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5. Inverted Triangle(Athlete shape)

The inverted triangle is the most athletic looking body type. Your shoulders are much broader than your hips. So, your arms and shoulders need to be enhanced as much as we can, let’s work on them.

Body ideas

In order to dress for the inverted triangle body shape (you have broad shoulders, slim hips and shapely legs),you will want to balance your broader shoulders with your narrower lower body to create more of an hourglass silhouette.
Here are celebrities that are rocking this awesome shape: Miley Cyrus, Cindy Crawford, Teri Hatcher, Angelina Jolie, Ashley Greene and a lot more, babe get inspired.
You have to remember to add definition to your hips and thereby to focus on creating a balance.

Miley Cyrus styles

What to wear

Straight-cut jeans and dresses that naturally have an inverted V-look to them are all clothes that will suit your body.

I Will also recommend since your hips are much narrower than your shoulders, pencil cut skirt, skinny jeans, etc. with any tops will look great. But, do make sure that there is not much layering or definition to your upper body because it needs none.

V-neck lines work well and create an illusion of narrow shoulders, so this should be your go-to neckline.

V neck, sweetheart necks.
Long open bottom gowns will always hide the smaller bottom part of the body
Always leave the bottom open or flared

What not to wear

Avoid Thick knitwear tops which add bulk to your shoulders, Skinny pants/jeans, Wide necklaces or wide necklines and spaghetti-strap tops will only make the shoulder line look wider.

So thats it gurl, having this knowledge and being self-aware of your body type and what will look good on it will not just improve your style but also solve your shopping troubles. Will also save you hell of time to decide what to wear or what to buy. Therefore know your body type and dress as it should be rocked.
Follow the celebrities listed for each shape to get more of Their outfits ideas.
I Will say peace for now. Drop a comment for any troubles and also leave your email for newsletters.

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