How to groom and style your eye brows at home (100% Natural)

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Hey gurls today am gonna show you how I groom and style my eyebrows right from home with simple equipment, 100% natural. This is a really fast and easy DIY (Do It Yourself) way to groom your brows and also style it to the shape you will want to have with your natural brow hairs.

What you need

1. Tweezers

This will be used to pick out “out-of-line” hairs from the brow shape. Any cool type will do just fine but it has to be very shape to cut the hair easily.

2. Spoolie

Any cool soft spoolie can do just fine for you. All it has to do is be able to brush up or down your eyebrows really nice.

3. Facial Razor

This will be used to shave around the eyebrow shape so keep it sharp as well.

4. Eyebrow Scissors

The type on the image below is highly recommended but you can still use any eyebrow scissors you have just make sure its sharp.

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Step 1. Tweeze

So first of all you are to take your spoolie and brush up the whole eyebrow upwards to get the whole brow in same direction just like in the picture below.

See GIF below

Now this will give you a view of all the hairs not in the actual shape you want. For this article, I am going to use the plain arch shape. So from the picture above you can see the hairs that are not in line.

Now use your tweezers and pick out those hairs really gently not to hurt yourself. See in the picture below.

See GIF below

Repeat the whole process but now brushing the hairs downwards to pick out the “out-of-shape” hairs from above the eyebrows.

Step 2. Trim

So in this step too you will need to brush up the hairs again to see all the longer eyebrows that are spoiling the shape as well. Then all you wanna do is carefully cut off the top tip of those hairs with your brow scissors nicely to get the upper arch shape of the brows. See below. So you really wanna do the same thing downwards to cut the longer hairs in the down direction and get the both edges of your brows nicely shaped and sharp.

See GIF below

Repeat the whole trimming process like twice to cut out all the longer hairs that are still not cut.

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Step 3. Shave

So for this step also you will have to brush up the brows again and use the facial razor to clean up everything. You go gently at an angle on a downward motion on top of your eyebrow and stop right at the edge of the brows. Then do the same to the bottom as well. But be very careful here as not to cut just yourself but also the eyebrow hairs which is what you will kill yourself for. Lol! So you just clean up gently and carefully as in the picture below.

See GIF below

Step 4. Finishing up

Now that you are done with one eyebrow you will have to repeat the whole process for the other eyebrow and make sure to keep the same shape as the one you did for the first brow.

If the shapes are not even use the tweezers and check out of line hairs and pick them out. So that’s it finally brush up the brows and line up the edges with your spoolie to get your cool eyebrow finished up.

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