How to pull yourself out a bad mood

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You probably want to go out with your friends or a date or to just chill but you just can’t shake your bad mood enough to get yourself moving. Could be from a bad day in school/work, domestic chaos, frustration or relationship issues. At some point, we have all been there. We have been in a bad mood. Its normal and its even healthy. But you need to get yourself together to enjoy that moment with your friend(s), here are few ways to get yourself out a bad mood easily.

1. Beat it with Exercise


Exercise do a great job in our brain chemistry. It sparks up some kind of joy in the end. You will want to do an exercise that you think is going to help in your body fitness. It should an exercise that you get motivated while doing it. When there is motivation there is joy and that’s the magic. In minutes that mood will change.

2. Play a music

girl playing music

Not everybody likes music in their quite time but believe me music can change the mood of almost everybody. It has this reaction that it does with our emotions especially when you play music you connect with. Play music you really love when you are in a bad mood to get you ready to meet someone. Find artist you love and like hearing them sing. Here are music recommendation to add to your playlist to change that bad mood of yours.

3. Talk to your Favourite person

girl gisting

At some point in our lives we always have this particular person that always gives us joy. We often call them “Besties”. These people are in our lives for such moments. All you need to do is just spark up a little conversation with them and they will work their “bestie” magic.

4. Watch Your Favourite Movies

watching movie

Just some few minutes before going on the date, pick one of your favourite movie and watch. It can be a single movie or a TV series depending on your taste.

5. Surround yourself with family

gisting with family
Smiling friends and family talking while having meal at home during Christmas celebration

Don’t be afraid to lean on your friends and family when you’re feeling below average. These are people that have unconditional love for you therefore they have to listen to you no matter how moody you sound. It’s one of the proven way to get you out of that bad mood of yours.

6. Tune to Your Favourite TV Channel

watching TV

The world has manage to find a lot of ways to entertain itself. TV has took good dominance of this entertaining mediums. And you definitely have this particular channel that you love whatever the hell they are showing anytime. Take some minutes and get your mood together watching the show.

7. Think About Someone You Admire

thinking bout person

Putting someone’s thought in your head is actually a good way to liven up your mood. It makes you forget whatever it is that got you moody. But it has to be someone you like, Love or Admire.

8. Play Video Games


If you are a game lover then sure playing will get to some world where your sad mood cannot live. I personally is a game lover. I can play video games all day without getting tired of it. I have been using this to liven myself whenever am in a not good mood.

Finally, not all of these ways can work for you, because we are all different and have things we like for different moments. So I will advise for you to find that one way that you like among the ways we listed above and use it anytime.

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