Slay With the Mask On; Face Mask Makeup You should adopt

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The virus and The lockdown is easing and girl you will wanna go out with that new body size you just got๐Ÿ˜Œ. Sure you fit right now and that figure is cool. Well your looks too gotta glam with that face mask you got on. We got cool face mask review will wanna check out too. But for now let me show girl how you gon slay with that face mask on. Here are some face mask makeup you will need to adopt girl. You will love it.

1. Faint eye shadow touches

Maaanifest Get it good here With the eye shadow touches. Looks really cool as it good faint With cool touch of the mask she Got.. Girl, that eye brow too is muah. Check it out here on here insta post down here. Love the light contour pallet too. Your hair should be well jelled and the lashes. Even Your natural lashes can do just fine, apply your mascara well and you well be good to go.

2. The mask design

Its really cool to get the eye shadow out rn since thats the only place seeable at the moment, lol. Check out how tobi made pineapple design on her shadows. Makes made sense. Use cool design facemask and try getting the design on your shadow, it will be great.

3. Medhayadav Made it easy

Wont say much here. I will like you to watch the video yourself and see how this girl made it awesome and easy to understand. Video below

4. Keep it simple with single color mask

When you are wearing a single color mask it will be nice if you keep everything light. Dont add show it too much. You can add touches of the mask color to prominent areas though but very faint. Check how Mirkabridal did it with the with mask down here, you can do same with black too.

5. Multi color mask

You will really want to keep it simple with multi color mask too. Follow glam_by_cassie on insta to see how this works. At this moment You will want to find a color to touch with. Your hair will be cool. But in the case of black, get a shiny color out of the mixed color on the mask and touch with.

6. Unruly and brows

I will just recommend the artistry for you. You will get a lot of new glam styles on the insta control.

Get your unruly hair the direction you want the to go. Then Get your brows shaped and full to some level. Shadow the brows with faint light colors like pink around. After that do the mascara on your lashes well. Babe check this below. Awesome

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I will drop some more cool face mask makeup for you as keep going down the days.

Drop a comment below for recommendation of any trend.

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